Copenhagen City Hall

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55.675548623258, 12.5698878


1 Rådhuspladsen
1550 København

Copenhagen City Hall


Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark there is a large airport there with daily flights from almost all over the world.  The airport is situated 20 minutes outside of the city centre and is simple to get to using the underground system.  There is also a large train station servicing all major European train links.

Copenhagen City Hall is just wonderful and our happy couples leave in awe of the registrars and the beauty of the whole occasion.

The registrars at City Hall hold approximately 15 weddings per day, this may seem like a lot, however the registrars are truly amazing and enjoy the first wedding of the day just as much as the last wedding that they officiate.

Copenhagen wedding


The ceremony room where the ceremonies are held is stunning and you can see why this is such a popular place to marry.

Copenhagen City Hall wedding



The ceremony will start with the registrar saying some words about love and marriage. Watch out these are beautiful words and have been known to make people cry! If you have prepared your own vows then the registrar will ask you to exchange your vows now and then you will both say "I do" and then registrar will announce you as a married couple. The witnesses and yourselves will then sign the certificate and the register, and you are then a legally married couple!

Love conquers all!

You are then free to see everything that this wonderful city has to offer.. 

Nyhavn Copenhagen


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