Getting Married in Copenhagen UEFA EURO 2021

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For football lovers and couples who share a love of football, you can now combine all of your loves together! And get married in Copenhagen Denmark during UEFA 2021!

There are weddings every day in Copenhagen City Hall between June 11th and July 11th except for a Sunday and a Tuesday, witnesses are provided, the marriage ceremony can be in English, German or Danish, you receive 2 copies of the International marriage certificate straight away (in English, Danish, German, Spanish & French!), and witnesses are also provided.

You can turn up, marry and leave all in the same day, meaning your football watching time is not impacted at all!

The ceremonies inside Copenhagen City Hall are only €745 (which includes all taxes, application costs, government fees, registrar etc, there are no further fees to pay).

If you would like something a little different and one of the stunning and special "external" weddings in Copenhagen have a read below about the options available. Also for these witnesses are provided, so do not worry, you just need to turn up!

Rest assured, if we need to move your wedding due to COVID we can do that with no extra charge. And if the borders should be shut (heaven forbid and we are all wishing/hoping/praying to all gods so hard they are open!!) and you cannot enter Denmark we simply extend your license free of charge, so you will never lose your money and can proceed with complete confidence.

Euro 2021
Marry during UEFA Football month!

For any football lovers out there or any football widows or widowers you can all relate to the diary management that it takes to ensure that we can still have a Summer whilst ensuring that we can access the sports channels either when we are at home, on holiday or anywhere!  The month of June is usually when the International tournaments take place, making viewing even more necessary to watch multiple matches per week some times per day!

Well 2021 there is no difference with a cascade of football competitions that eagerly await us, International football took a back seat in 2020 as travel bans and fan bans were endured, but this year we have been promised that these tournaments will go ahead in some shape or form keeping our wifi and our tv's occupied for the whole month.

Keeping that together with the fact we want to travel, we want to elope we want to do all the things that we couldn't do in 2020... we, here at Marry Abroad Simply think we have the perfect solution!

The Danish are well known for their love of football and perform well in the European competitions, and they LOVE to have fun with it and the fan zones for these international competitions are always on of fun! 

Copenhagen wedding
Get married in Copenhagen Denmark in the summer - outside!

UEFA EURO 2021 - For the love of football!

Ofelia Plads - 28th June

The wonderful team at Copenhagen wedding office have made the amazing decision to marry some lucky couples at one of the fan zones in Copenhagen Ofelia Plads.  

Ofelia Plads (Plad meaning square in Danish) is already a wonderful place to marry, and we have arranged weddings here for many couples who have all completely loved every minute.  It is a wonderful area of Copenhagen on the waters edge close to the wonderful harbour.  Well known for its open air concerts, tables and chairs, bars and restaurants it is the perfect place to sit and relax in the wonderful Danish Summer... or get married!

So on 28th June between the hours of 13h-15h the wedding office will set up there and they will marry a hand full of lucky couples amidst the busyness and the jovial celebrations that will undoubtedly surround them.

If it's not a fan zone that you would like to marry in, then there is another date on offer, and this venue is one that will take your breath away! 

Copenhagen External wedding.
Get married near the water in Copenhagen!

Circle Bridge (Cirkelbroen) -  12th June

The wedding office will again come to the bridge and some lucky couples will have the chance to marry in this amazing location.  Slightly further away from the crowds the bridge is the image on the official UAFA Euro 2021, so if you are a football lover then this is the photo that you want!

Between the hours of 14h and 16h ceremonies will take place in this wonderful area of the city.  Calm and serene and thought provoking this area connects Christiansbro with Applebys Plads across the southern entrance to Christianshavns Kanal.

The designer, Olafur Eliasson, said during its augoration in 2015  "I hope people will use the bridge as a meeting place - a public place. In contrast to the long, straight quay, the Circular Bridge will slow down, turn the gaze, invite you to take a break. Hesitating on his way is a bodily thought - and there is room for such thoughts in the Copenhagen urban space".  I'm sure he will be so happy to know that people will be making their vows in this special space.

Get married in denmark fast.
So many ways to have a special wedding in Denmark, exactly as you want it!

Both of these ceremonies are available to all, however they will get booked up very quickly.  We can reserve the appointments 4 months before the ceremonies so if you want to make the appointment, then please send your documents through and we can start the process!

The cost of this service is 995€ and this includes all the application fees to the Danish government and the fees for the external ceremony.

Once you have paid us there is nothing further to pay (unless you want the Legalisation service with an Apostille), all taxes, government fees, external registrar, venue, witnesses if you need them, marriage certificates and organisation is included. Along with also our free incredible App on Apple and Google play that will contain all details of your wedding, maps, blogs and contact details of local suppliers!!

We are happy to provide advice and a free no obligation documents list of which documents you will require to get married in Denmark or Get married in Gibraltar – just contact us on any of the methods below.

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